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*squeals of happiness* We may continue now that we know that our dear sister Medievna is well! We are all happy it was work and not tornados that kept her away. *planning party* Tis cause for celebration XD. Good to see you again Anna-san, we all love you and couldn't possibly continue DL without you! We're a family here at DL and...we'll try not to panic so much next time, ne? ^.^;;;;

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This site is currently on hiatus, for one of our number is missing and as she lives in one of the Tornando danger-zones, we are all quite worried and so must wait to see if she is all right. I have no real way to reach her except for a certain IM and have not see her. If we don't hear from her we may need to start her character was immediatly involved with one of the main chars, Rune. The story thus cannot continue without our dear medievna. Let us all hope she is well and that is only work that is keeping her busy and isn't anything life-threatening.


Friday, April 11, 2008

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“How does that feel darling?” He purred at her, rubbing her soft mound firmly, loving it as she squirmed against him. His fingers were already quite slick with her juices.

Image hosted by Jou shifted in his sleep. What time was it? He was sore…he felt like his body was stretching. And what was this smell? He could smell blood…flesh…Komi…yes…he could smell Komi…and others….others beyond the confines of his room. His eyes shot open…he could sense everything…and the pain…it was spreading.

He leapt out of the place that was his bed, away from Komi who he knew had been next to him. He set his hands…no they were quickly becoming claws…on top of his head. Fur was starting to spread across his skin, brown and red and black. His teeth were lengthening.

‘No…’ he thought desperately, ‘No…I can’t….i don’t want her to see…I don’t want….stop…no…I don’t want to….i musn’t…kill….KILL…FLESH….BLOOD…no…i…I can’t…’

“NO! Iie! I…Ko…Komi….” He struggled to keep his sanity. The fool moon…he was nearly wolf now…he wouldn’t keep his sanity much longer… “Run…run Komi….hide from me…please…don’t come back until the moon is gone….go…”

His last words were drowned out by his screaming and he slowly…agonizingly formed into a very tall wolf.

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Kasumi hugged Naru tightly, “I’ll get a job…and…I will help you with your sister…ne…Naru-kun? You helped me…” She whispered as she held onto him. Hugging him gently.

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Lily smiled seductively at the man, kissing him, “You are quite tasty…what fun have you in store for me?”

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Lin blushed. Requests? She could certainly act on what she wanted, but…request…somehow she found it difficult. Would he judge her? Certainly not…this is what he did…wasn’t it…he surely had stranger requests than hers.

She blushed heavily, finding it truly hard to thin with him positioned as he was against her…she felt quite at his mercy…it was something she enjoyed though. “I…ah…I’d….like….b…biting…” She stuttered, “I don’t know why…” she said quickly, feeling quite childish, “I…just…like to…be bitten…and…just…be…controlled in…ah…this…I want…to…be at your mercy.” She blushed up at him, “You find me strange don’t you?”

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Orren stopped and gazed at the young angel. He was a busy angel and he didn’t have time to waste, but if she desired to help, that would be fine, as long as she didn’t hinder him.

Her eyed her a moment longer, “He is near, but…his whereabouts are being hidden from me…I feel someone has set protection about the place he is hiding. I assume Rune has found him already…but I am curious as to why he hasn’t been delivered to his Master.”

He gazed at her another moment, “Have your wits and strengths about you, miss Kayoko…Rune…is close by and he is quite dangerous…as are some of his cohorts. I sense that he’s gathered others. They are quite powerful…however annoying they may be. Come…follow me…and prepare yourself.”
He then turned from her and took long strides in the direction of gunshots. The immortals of this place were quite horrible and he didn’t like them at all, but that wasn’t important right now. Rune…yes…Rune was this way. Strange…if he had the weapon…why was Shoushin not with him? Why had he not returned it to his Master? Was Shou locked up? For what purpose? Had he somehow…remembered his true place in this war?
Photobucket Kayoko was only a few steps behind Orren when he'd taken off running but she was quickly falling behind. Her part of Heaven wasn't exactly fast-paced and she'd never had to do a day's work in her life, so the angel wasn't used to this level of physical activity. The natural result of living such a pampered lifestyle was that she could barely run for ten minutes without getting tired.

"Orren!" The brunette called to him, panting heavily. "Wait up!" Kayoko leaned forward slightly and put her hands on her knees, trying to catch her breath. Earth had seemed like it was all fun and games so far, but this running business might be enough to send her back to her home. Once her lungs were working properly again so looked up at her fellow angel with a confused look on her face. "What happened back there? Where's Shoushin?"


Photobucket "Don't be shy, Lin..." Toru muttered into her ear, punctuating each word with another kiss. He couldn't suppress a grin as she began to touch him back, running her fingers over his chest. Gently pushing her down to a laying position on the floor, Toru held onto Lin's shoulders lightly and began to trail kisses down her neck and chest. The incubus reached her still-clothed breasts before looking back up at her with glinting eyes.

"While I'm here, any requests?" he asked, yet another grin finding its way onto his lips.


Photobucket Mao's eyes lit up at the Chinese boy's suggestion. Finally, here was someone with their priorities right! She began to put the assorted bottles of alcohol back into their hiding place, lifting them in a way which vaguely resembled the way a mother puts her newborn baby into his crib. When she was done there was only one bottle left out.

"I have just the thing," she announced proudly, holding up the vessel. Its contents were a dark, murky colour and smelled like it was probably past its 'best before' date, but Mao didn't seem phased by any of this. "I don't remember what all's in it, but I know it's good." She smiled evilly at Tao, excited to see exactly what mood enhancers he planned to contribute to their little two-person party.

((OOC: I love it when DL comes back to life. I even got new avatars to celebrate, hehe. It's so great to see you around again, Kasumi! ^_^ Just so you know, the Kayoko and Toru RPs are continuing the ones from, like.. 2005. XP))

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Kit held her breath, quite frightened, but she didn't come all the way here to die. "I mean no harm..." She said heavily, "He'd helped me escape and let harm come to himself for purposly not finding me for my father. I want to help...even if it means going back down there to get it..." She said trying not to break down. "I...whatever you ask to convince you of loyalty i'll..." She paused gazing at a figure coming swiftly into view, storming towards the bar.

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Rune stormed up to the bar, Taka was outside with a rather startled and frightened Hiroshi.

"Dammit, Taka, don't go without telling me, Orren still lurking around...what if something happened? And Hiroshi you big idiot, you shoulda come back, you can't take on Dante by your-....he paused and looked at the girl that Taka was threatening. His eyes widened, all frustration forgotten. He hadn't seen her in 30 or so years, maybe less, what was she doing in Soma. "Kit...what are you doing here?" He asked curiously.

Kit was glad to see him, she smiled, but then went rigid again, glancing at the still angry woman called Taka. "Ru...Rune-sama, i...i'd heard what was going on, i wanted to repay you, for helping me out of that place."

Rune just stared a moment then set a hand on Taka's shoulder, "Let her go, Taka. She isn't an enemy. She's Lucifer's second child, but unwanted...merely a slave to him, i helped her get free of that place, she hates him. You want to help then?" He asked looking at Kit.

"Yes...anything you ask of me...i truly owe you my life...had you taken me back, i'd be dead...i owe you, but more than that, i want to help, if you'll let me." Kit gasped looking at Taka and hoping against hope that the woman would let her down,

"Alright, if you want, i guess. More help, i suppose, is always welcome."

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Shou laughed as he tugged on his shirt, "I wouldn't put it past him. Girl or not....when he's angry...well...last time he got angry...more than 100 immortals were killed. Or so the tale goes...but i have seen him do even greater damage than that. Frightening really." She shuddered at the thought. "I wouldn't want to be on his bad side...almost was...well...strong as i am...i won't go against him.
Taka turned and put the barrel of her gun against the girl's head, glaring angrily. "How about you shut the fuck up and go outside nice and quiet like, eh? You and I are gonna have a chat. Now move." Still gripping the sobbing Hiroshi's arm, Taka followed Kit from the bar, her gun trained expertly on her head. Once outside, she released the changeling and grabbed Kit by the shirt, throwing her up against the wall and placing her gun at her temple. "Now then, how the fuck do you know about Rune? You lie, you die, and I'm losing patience, so speak quick-like."


Milena smirked as Rune rushed out the front door. She winked at Yori, who was still standing in a corner of the kitchen, and bent to pick up her dress from the bathroom floor. "Well, now that Rune's done napping, I'm going to go claim the bedroom." Turning, she kissed Shou, biting his lower lip as she pulled away. "You're welcome to join me, of course." Smirking again at Yori, she made her way up the stairs and into the bedroom, shutting the door behind her.


Yori watched Milena ascend the stairs and shut the bedroom door, and then looked to the bathroom. Shou was nearly dressed, and she silently admitted to herself that he was rather good looking, for a sex-crazed...whatever he was. Now's my chance! Quietly, she walked over to the bathroom and leaned in, watching him finish putting his clothes back on. "Do you think Rune would really hurt me?" she asked in her best 'scared little girl' voice.
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Rune grumbled under his breath but glanced back at Milena, "Not always, ima get Taka, she went after Hiroshi apparantly, you shouldn't have left him alone, he's probably a nervous wreck, that'll only make him suspicious...." He growled under his breath, "Whatch her will you.." He said sharply before slamming the door and thundering out into the night, swiftly headed for the bar. All at once it was slow and quick getting there, the bar was barely within sight when heard a resounding gunshot.

"Christ...and they say i'm destructive..."

Kit fell out of her seat and gapped in awe and shock at the woman and the now immobal man that she'd shot. The gunshot was still ringing in her ears. She quickly got to her feet and rushed up to them as the blue-haired boy began to cry. She approached the woman cautiously and whispered as loudly as she dared.
"I'm gonna venture a guess're working with Rune-sama aren't you?"
Image hosted by Milena smirked seductively at Shou, turning off the shower faucet and taking a towel from the nearby rack. "Yes, I know," she purred, drying herself. "You are quite talented as well." She winked and leaned over to him, nibbling slightly on his neck, and exited the shower. Outside in the living room she could hear whining and a low, threatening growl, and she rolled her eyes. "For being the right hand of doom, she certainly is crass." She wrapped the towel around herself and opened the bathroom door, leaning on the doorjamb. "Rune, darling, you don't always have to threaten people. Sometimes just talking to them works quite well."


DL_Taka Taka glanced sidelong at the girl who had started to address her, taking a slow drag off her cigarette. She narrowed her eyes as she appraised her, looking her up and down. The girl was ridiculously nervous, and Taka sensed her mind was a storm of confusion and worry. "Whatcha lookin' at?" she glowered threateningly, baring her teeth.

Hiroshi peeked from the door of the bathroom, hoping Dante had left. What he saw, however, made his jaw nearly drop to the floor. Taka was seated right next to the prince, slowly sucking on a cigarette and growling at the girl named Kit. He whined inwardly, wondering if he could try and sneak out of the bar before anyone noticed, but he figured Taka would probably kill him for it. His heart pounding, Hiroshi quickly made his way from the bathroom hallway to the bar. "Erm...Taka...we should go--"

"What the fuck took you so long, you little twerp? Do you gotta go hide every time you get nervous? Fucking hell, I should be getting paid for babysitting your ass."

Hiroshi winced, playing with the hem of his shirt. "I'm sorry, Milena said to--"

"I don't give a flying rat's ass what Milena said, you got more sense than that. C'mon, let's get out of here before you wet yourself." Taka grabbed Hiroshi's arm, stood, and faceplanted into a rather large immortal who had just approached the bar for a drink. "What the fuck you think you're doing? Outa my way!"

The immortal laughed, poking her hard on the forehead. "-You're- in -my- way, little girl. Move yourself."

Taka felt the hair on the back of her neck stand up, and she gripped Hiroshi's arm harder as he tried to wriggle away to safety. "You made two mistakes there, bucko. One, you touched me. Two, you insulted me."

"Yah? Whadya gonna do about it?"

In one deft movement Taka had her gun from its holster and in her hand, its barrel resting idly against the immortal's chest. "I'm gonna make you cry." Her finger moved just enough to pull the trigger, and the resounding blast shook the still air of the bar. Her victim flew backward into a wall and several other patrons, landing limply on the ground.

Hiroshi began to cry.
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Rune watched the girl break down and didn't really know what to make of it, but listend to her explanation calmly. He felt himself grow angry again. Taka didn't need to go stalking off like that, she coulda at least told him where she was ging, he wouldn't have minded so much. His eye must have been glowing because the woman looked even more fearful. He charged off to take his trenchcoat from a hook and pulled it on, still not bothering to button his shirt, he'd quite forgotten about that. He then stalked toward Yori again and cornered her against the wall, his hands on either side of her , gazing at her threateningly.

"I'm going after her. I don't know what kinda trouble your in....but if you do'll have me to answer to....keep that in mind....Yori. Trust me...i'll know if you did...i won't be gone long." He then shoved away from the wall and went for the door. Hopefully the warning would hold, he didn't want trouble...even though he knew Milena and Shou could take care of was still dangerous buisness leavin 'the weapon' alone with the sly vamp.

Kit heard taping on the bar, it was the only thing that snapped her from her thoughts. She glanced over at a frightening red-headed woman who looked like she meant buisness. Kit shifted in her seat again, but stared at the woman who seemed to be glaring at Dante. She did seem to be after him. Could this be the woman with Rune? She glanced around the bar thinking that Rune had come too, but there was no sign of him. Well, of course not...Dante would have done or said something...she knew he'd been sent after Rune.

"Ano..." She started, wanting to ask, but that seemed unwise, the woman looked most dangerous and if the woman was after Dante...and was working with was best not to say anything on the matter. She shifted again and took another gulp of sake, glancing only occassionally at the woman and then towards the bathroom. Perhaps the boy had the right idea...maybe she should try wriggling out the girls bathroom window. She, however, was too anxious as to what the woman was up to to move.
Yori nodded slightly, watching Rune nervously as he gazed out the dirty front window. "Thanks...but I'm not really hungry..." She turned in the direction of the bathroom and noted that the shower had been turned off, revealing the giggling and murmuring that was emanating from behind the door. "Do you think Hiroshi will be back soon?" she wondered idly aloud, curling a lock of hair about one finger. She heard Rune snort, almost dismissively, and then heard him turn around. The look on his face changed from annoyance to shame and then to worry, as he took her question into deeper meaning. "I mean, he's just been...gone...a while, you know..." Yori stood carefully, backing away from Rune and into the kitchen. She felt her cheeks grow hot, and could only imagine how guilty she looked. And then she had an idea.If he goes chasing after that bitch, then he won't be around to interfere with me and the weapon. I'll only have that vampire to contend with, and that shouldn't be too difficult at all.

Yori threw herself down on her knees, summoning tears to her eyes. "I'm sorry! She told me not to tell you where she had gone, and she had a big gun! I got scared, right?!" She saw Rune tilt his head, his face unreadable, and she turned up the waterworks. "I...*sniffle*....didn't want...*sob* get...*sniffle sniffle* trouble..." She wiped her nose dramatically, her lower lip quivering. "She said she was gonna go find him..."


DL_Taka Taka stayed secluded along the back wall of the bar long enough to assess the situation. The patrons were mostly drunks and working stiff, hoping to forget their cares and perhaps get laid, and they mostly looked the part. She noted the direction of the bathroom, and decided that Hiroshi was likely hiding in there. "Little bitch," she commented quietly. A white haired figure seated at the bar caught her attention, and Taka began to slowly make her way toward him. He was too well dressed for the place, and his skin looked too soft to mark him as part of the working class. And then there was the pet dragon. "You must be Dante," she said under her breath. There was a nervous looking girl in an impossibly short skirt seated at the bar as well, and Taka fervently hoped this night would end up being fun.

She seated herself two stools away from Dante and knocked on the bartop to get the tender's attention. "Gimme an ashtray," she demanded, taking her cigarettes from a pocket on her belt. She lit one cigarette and turned her head after inhaling, blowing the smoke in Dante's direction. Yes, this was going to be very fun indeed. If Hiroshi didn't show himself before she could start a fight, that was.
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Shou gladly replied with a mix of groan and pleased scream. She was certainly delicious...and loved how she'd tightened around him, he spilled his seed into her at this, a pleasant and all consuming release. He continued to hold on, emptying himself and his brain feeling rather fuzzy with all the blood gone from it. "Ahh...' he panted again before smiling at her.

"You are quite talented...milady Milena...i can't remember having quite so much fun."

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Rune appraised Yori, she'd been hesitant in her response, but realized quickly that Taka must have said somthing, perhaps she wanted some moments alone. He took a deep breath and closed his eyes a moment to calm himself; if he did this everytime she was out of sight it would drive her off...he didn't need to be so overprotective all the matter how much he hated the thought of having her out of his sights...he'd swallow his pride. 'Don't be an idiot...' he told himself firmly, 'A man...demon...whatever i am...i'm about to be a father...i can't flip over every little thing...'

He opened his eyes again, gazing at Yori, she seemed to talking mentally to herself and looking slightly worried. 'Perhaps she isn't so bad...' he thought, 'whatever she's up to...she seems wise enough not to want to get on my bad side...or pehaps...' He eyed her a moment longer, wondering perhaps if she was in trouble of sorts. It was possible, there wasn't a single living creature left that didn't have a serious problem...many were resorting to doing dirty deeds in order to help others. He sighed again; they'd been right, he was paranoid, he didn't need to question everyone, just stay alert and be himself.

"Get yourself something to eat or you'll make yourself sick..." He said to her before heading over to the window and glancing out at the night streets and then leaning against the wall and pulling out his cigs. He needed a smoke to calm himself...keep himself busy.

Kit was grateful that the sake had arrived. She quickly took a big drink and closed her eyes, hoping to calm herself. 'Don't panic, Kit...don't be stupid...he never saw you before...he just thinks your a little suspicious and maybe a bit of a weirdo...nothing more...don't freak out...dn't let him get more suspicious...don't look at him or talk to him. Just drink...stay calm...start an idle conversation with someone else...'

She glanced once more to the bathroom, the boy must have shut himself in there...either that or was attemtping to wriggle out a bathroom window. He'd seemed paniced, too. Had he been watching Dante? Surly he couldn't be after him...maybe he'd been attracted to Dante...he seemed the type. Maybe he'd been wanting to ask him out and she'd freaked him out and lost his nerve. She wondered, but didn't look at Dante, still feeling occasionaly uncomfortable like he was staring at the back of her head.

There weren't many people in the bar, someone else had come in and disappeared into the shadows only showing an outline, but no one was near enough to talk to. Kit turned back to her drink; the barman had left a nice bottle of sake there, senseing she needed it...and she was most grateful, filling her little cup and taking another sip of it. She wondered if she should leave quickly before something happened, something was most ominous, but she couldn't put her finger on it. Even though this glaring feeling crept up her spine, she felt it was best to stay put a little longer before moving, she didn't want to seem even more suspicious than she already did.

Had time slowed? She wondered if enough time had passed, she felt stange sitting there by herself...she shifted in her seat nervously, glancing again at the bathroom. 'He must have wriggled out the window...a few's been plenty more...i didn't mean to startle jumpy...but then am i one to talk? Geeze...i didn't know that locating Rune would turn into a head-ache...hell probably doesn't remember me anyway. Will wonder who the hell i am showing up so suddenly offering to help. He's powerful..he won't need me right? But that Rune...i could sneak down there and try to get it back...but i'm most unwelcome...' She sighed into her drink as she took another sip.
Yori blanched visibly as she saw the look on Rune's face change from sleepy agitation to concern and anger. Struggling to maintain her composure, she shrugged a little too nonchalantly, looking up at the ceiling. "She went..uh...out," she mumbled, feigning disinterest in the topic. Shit, shit, shit, shit, shit, shit, she chastised mentally, feeling her face grow hot. She was in a precarious position, and she could easily receive wrath from either Morfran or the people she was supposed to be watching. I gotta get the fuck outa this city, she silently grumbled.


Image hosted by Oh gods, this boy is delicious! Milena screamed silently. Her nails raked across Shou's back, and she was tempted to bite him, though that would have probably ruined the moment. "Yes.....yes, just like that....oh gods..." she managed to moan between breaths. She felt herself tighten around him, felt her body quiver with anticipation, and she knew she was close. She tightened her legs around his waist, her feet pushing his butt, encouraging him faster and deeper, and as she felt her orgasm overcome her, Milena locked her lips to Shou's, letting her body explode in absolute pleasure. "Come on, darling.....scream for me...." she panted, her eyes piercing his.


DL_Taka Taka chewed on her lip as she walked swiftly through the streets of Soma, one hand near a .45 pistol that was slung arrogantly on her hip. She was more than a little irritated, and her face was darkened with a scowl. Hiroshi hadn't come back yet, and Milena had left him alone in an unfriendly neighborhood with the prince of hell. She hoped he wasn't dead, or worse. "Why the fuck do I gotta fix everyone's fuck-ups?" she growled to no one in particular. Ahead she could see the flickering neon sign that sagged above a black front door. As she neared she could sense panic and confusion, two emotions that almost always indicated Hiroshi's presence. "Fucking hell, you little twit, you'd better make this worth my time." She pushed open the door and ducked inside, keeping to the shadows of the bar.
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Shou was pleasantly surprissed as Milena yanked him up and took hold of his member, ready to get down to the real buisness. He happily held her against the wall as he thrust himself ever deeper into her lucious body. Ah, yes, he'd forgot had wonderful it was to be with a warm and wet ans so deliciously deep. He kept a hardy pace as he pummeled into her. "Ahh." he moaned; it was so wonderful he could hardly stand it, so magnificent he didn't want it to stop, but he was getting ever if her were on the verge of madness...his mind empty of all thought...only the knowledge that he must keep going, keep thrusting...harder...faster...

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Rune shifted from his sleep vaguely aware of a knocking sound of something banging against the wall in another room. He sat up and looked around, still hazy from sleep. He never used to sleep...not much at least, he wasn't a being that required such a thing, but he'd become quite used to it, enjoying it immensly, in fact, after a wonderous romp in the sack...there was nothing more peaceful than laying next to Taka and falling blissfully to sleep.

'Come to think of it...' he thought quietly as he glanced quickly about the room, 'Where is she?'

He stood and dressed quietly, just throwing on his pants and only shrugging on his shirt. He fiddled with the sleeves, rolling them up his elbows and thinking idly that he felt like wearing red. He uttered something under his breath and quite suddenly the shirt became a deep crimson red...a neat little trick of his, but nothing of use other than could only change colors, not styles...he'd actually have to procure other clothes.

He headed out the door, his shirt open, sleeve rolled to his elbows; Taka must be down stairs seeing to the noise or having a drink or smoke. He stopped halfawy down the stairs to hear water and moans. Rune rolled his eyes.

"That shamless idiot..." He mumbled to himself and continued to the ground floor seeing Yuri keeping to herself and making occassionaly grimaces at the bathroom door. He glanced around and went towards the Taka. He felt something hit his stomach...a flutter of anxiety and little anger. Had he upset her again unknowingly? Had something happened? Surely not...

He glanced at Yuri warily, "Where's Taka?"

Kit sat frozen on the floor as the blue-haired boy rushed towards the bathroom. He'd left! He'd rushed off! Why? She glanced towards Dante and felt a lump in her throat, Dante was staring in her direction, he'd watched at the boy rushed off and then looked at her.

'Crap...' she thought, even if he didn't recognize her as his sister or otherwise as someone connected to their father...she would still look might suspicious kneeling on the ground under the bar. She stood up swiftly, perhaps a little too fast. Everything about her was seeing more and more odd and she quickly wished that she hadn't entered the bar. Perhaps she should have gone door to door...others weren't so bad as running into her brother.

"Ano..." She hesitated as he continued to stare ominously, she smiled uneasily. "I'd...uh...tripped and hit my know...i'm a bit clumsy..." She waited to see if he bought it at all or show any sign of recognition, "...Don't mind me...ano...i your shirt..."

She quickly sat on an empty stool and tried calmly asking the bartender for sake' . She contiued to watch the barman with intrest or glance at her fingers as if to see if she'd cracked a nail...but more than anything, she was determined to not cast another look at her brother...she'd gulp down the drink and leave...if he didn't first. She actually hoped he'd leave, it was the best thing that could happen, for him to be either weirded out or alarmed and rush out...the next best thing for her was if he, even if slightly wary, turned from her and didn't question her....just reguard her as a very strange local.

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Image hosted by Hiroshi nodded slowly as Kit introduced herself, and he felt himself break into a sweat. He had fervently hoped he would be able to remain in the bar completely unnoticed, almost guaranteeing his not being involved in an altercation. He smiled weakly at the girl, placing his hands gingerly in his lap. "Erm, it's nice to meet you....Kit....Perhaps you should have a seat? That floor looks awful dirty." He giggled nervously, playing with the hem of his shirt.

He turned his head for a moment, returning his attention to the white haired man, and suddenly found that he was staring straight back at him. Their eyes locked, and Hiroshi felt his cheeks flush with embarrassment, both at being caught in his observation and being looked at in general. Hiroshi found it very difficult to handle any sort of attention. He began to fidget, and his eyes darted rapidly around the room, looking for some sort of safe escape. He sighted the bathroom and fumbled off his seat, muttering quickly, "Erm, excuse me, I'll be right back," and made a bee-line for the hallway.

Image hosted by Milena moaned with delight, shivers coursing through her at Shou's touch. She had to admit, his skill was perhaps a match for her own. She let him continue to please her for quite some time, her fingers entwining in his hair, her lower lip caught between her teeth. When she felt she might climax, she pushed Shou away from her and took his face between her hands, drawing him up to her in a deep kiss. "I want you now," she murmured, taking his cock in her hands. She grinned broadly as he complied, hoisting her up around his hips and entering her with a strong thrust. The cold tile of the shower added to the shocking pleasure of the encounter, and she wrapped her arms around Shou's neck. Leaning down, she began to lick and nibble on his ear as he pumped in and out of her wetness, her breathing becoming faster as their pace increased.


DL_Taka "What the fuck is that?" Taka slid out of bed, careful not to wake Rune, and went to the bedroom door. She could clearly hear two sets of moans, and the sound of running water filled in the rest of what might be happening downstairs. Rolling her eyes, she growled and began to look for her clothes. She pulled on her pants, vest, and boots, and then descended the stairs, quietly shutting the bedroom door behind her.

Downstairs Yori sat uncomfortably on the couch, her eyes glancing toward the bathroom door. She looked up with a smile at Taka, who sneered in return.

"Hiroshi back yet?"

"No, not yet."

"Fucking hell," she grumbled, replacing her various weapons in their proper places on her body. "Well that settles it." She walked to the front door and opened it, grabbing a discarded pack of cigarettes on her way out.

"Where are you going?" Yori called, a note of concern in her voice.

"I'm gonna go find the little twit. Don't tell Rune. If he wakes up, tell him I went for a walk or something." She shut the door and jogged down the few steps to street level, and, after checking her immediate surroundings for possible danger, headed toward the bar Milena had come from.
Dante Dante had downed his first shot, along with the Coke and was now working his way through a vodka martini. Kaeon was sitting on the counter, in plain view of the other patrons, nibbling on the olive. He took a sip of his drink, then shuddered, gripped by a sudden chill that crept down his spine in a most alarming way. Something was not right. He was sure now that he was being followed.

Reaching for the back of his neck, feigning the appearance of adjusting a necklace, he tilted his head slightly to peruse the clientel. A few feet away, a blue haired boy was sitting, talking to... someone he couldn't see. Or maybe it was no one. As if he didn't seem strange enough, conversing with an invisible neighbour... was he keeping half an eye in Dante's direction? Or was it just the prince's imagination?

The blue haired boy's eyes turned towards him. Their gazes locked. Dante felt as though ice was running through his veins.



Tao grinned. "Quite the wine cellar you've got, darlin'. But I generally prefer something a little stronger. How about you mix us up a little surprise, and then, I'll show you something a little more... mood enhancing," he said, wiggling his eyebrows suggestively. Drink was all and well, but it had nothing on his morning routine of wake and bake. He figured Mao, with her very apparent love for mood-altering substance, was sure to get a kick out of it.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Kit groaned from hitting the bar and then smiled embarrassedly at the blue-haired boy. "Ano....hai..hai...i'm fine...just um...don't let that whate-haired guy see me....please. He may not recognize me...but...better not to risk it, i'd be in series trouble if he did." She remained kneeling on the floor beside him glancing occasionally around his stool and trying to adjust herself comfortably...a difficult task in such a short skirt. She glanced up awkwardly at the boy again. She might as well introduce herself if she was going to be kneeling so close-by.

"I'm Kit..." She said rather nervously and suddenly felt very stupid. He must have thought she was nuts.

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He gasped in shock when she stopped but smiled upon her words. It was only fair, right? Give her a bit of enjoyment, too? Though he was rather looking forward to this. He wanted to touch her, let his fingers glind over that lucious skin of hers.

"Ah, yes..." He slinked closer to her, his eyes gazing over her hungrily. He came within inches of her lips staring intensly into her eyes, his left hand glinding up her side to cup and fiddle with her breast a moment then slowly becane to kiss her neck and down to her chest, nibbling at her nipples and down her stomach then...yes....he wanted to taste her, first he let his fingers softly touch her thighs, teasing with brief touches across her soft center then withough warning set an index finger at the entrance and dipped it in. She was sweetly warm and wet, he'd play a bit like this, although....he really wanted to tast her. She smelled delicious..and he was...a starving man. He glanced upwards at her wickedly, she gave up control....and he would now savor his prize. He licked at her suddenly, his tongue gliding across the slit, "Mmm...tasy"
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Hiroshi fidgeted nervously, his feet swinging freely over the floor of the bar. He swiveled slightly in his stool, and his eyes, one blue and one purple, roamed ceaselessly. The napkin that had been soaking up the sweat from his glass of midori sour was torn to shreds, and his fingers tapped a quick rhythm on the bartop, looking for something else to keep them occupied.

He had been in the bar for some time now, looking sidelong at the white haired man who was his target. He didn't know why Milena had bothered to take him along on her reconnaissance mission, he was terrified of pretty much everything and useless in a fight. Sighing, he glanced down at his hands, wondering when the vampire would return. She had told him to stay put and keep an eye on the white haired man, and he had been doing just that. He wasn't about to venture out onto the streets of Soma in the dark by himself.

A newcomer caught his attention, and Hiroshi looked up to see a girl faceplant into the bar, apparently hiding from something. He glanced around quickly, to see if anyone else had noticed, and then said cautiously, "Erm, are you ok?"


Image hosted by Milena hummed as she worked Shou. It was a simple task, and yet she was enjoying herself immensely. There was almost no compliment greater in the world than watching someone derive absolute pleasure from her skill, and she relished in it. She smirked to herself as he squirmed and made little strangled noises, his breath coming hard and fast. When she thought she might send him over the brink, she stopped and stood, licking her lips and fangs. "Now now, it isn't any fun if you're the only one on the receiving in, darling. It's your turn now," she said with a smirk, caressing one of Shou's arms.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Age: about 306 and looks 19
Race: Kitsune
Bloodline: Royal
Height: 5'3 (5'6 in heels)
Weight: 109
Attire: Usually found in a black tube top, black thigh length skirt, black sleeveless ankle length overcoat and knee-high, laced and toeless stiletto boots. But enjoys wearing victorian or asian styled tops and either a nice short skirt (black mostly but likes the school-girl type too or gothic) and will occassionally be found in baggy pants that barely hang on her hips and a tight shirt.
Personality: She used to be quite shy and still has bouts of it (she's only been free for 30 years), but she is quite kind and loyal to those she admires most (Rune mostly) and would do absolutly anything for the people she cares about. She is friendly and pretty outgoing, though anxiously excited about going new places and meeting new people. She still gets defensive and flinches from personal contact....but badly wants to get past it. She can be fierde if pushed too far.
Biography: Secret child of the devil. Her elder half-brother Dante is unaware of her existance as she was kept away from him and was mistreated regualrly by her father and his coherts and ignored by her mother. She was treated as a regular worker and slave to her father and given no second thought. Her father didn't see it fit for her to have inheritance to his throne and so was denied and put to work as soon as she was old enough. She only ever had glimpses of her brother and limited contact with anyone besides the other workers. Though she had powers she could only to easily draw attention to herself with her magical flames and 9 tialed white fox body and she was much to weak to transform or possess anyone....her father had made sure of it. The only person who knew, outside of her parents, who she was....was Rune. She'd seen him a couple of times but hadn't spoken to him...she'd always been curious about him and the things he was rumored to have done...his powers...the ones he'd recieved when taking the rune (she'd heard whispers of this), and of good things he had once done...saving a mortal girl from death and going against her father multiple times...even helping to thwart some plans by getting too close to the enemy. She wondered how he was able to go on at all...she'd heard his she worked rather close to the toture chanber...but she never heard whips or anything (those wouldn't work normally on immortals) but she'd seen her father just touch the rune and looke at him and she'd heard that pain...seen it in his face. He once, after she'd recieved a punishment for eavesdropping, stopped next to her and said 'it's a horrible place...and they do horrible things...i've done them...and i wonder if this is really the place i should be. For certain, one good belongs here...they don't have to follow his it's nice' and then he walked away. It made her realize that he understood perfectly how she felt...and was telling her to go...wishing he could do the same. He didn't look sympathetic...he looked hard and cold...but his words were kind. So she was able to get the courage to leave. He'd been sent after her and he'd convieniently didn't find her. Though some time after (as she'd been pretending to be a as one and working mortal jobs) she saw him again walking along the road. He merely looked at her....only a slight curve to his lips...barely noticable and nodded ever so slightly to her before turning and walking away. She owed him for these things and she was deeeply appriciative. After the disaster...she heard that he'd finally decided to go against her father and retrieve the rune that would restore him and was currently in Soma. She went in search of help in any way she could.



She didn't know what she was doing there...not really. She had the determination to suddenly flock to his aid, but now that she was in Soma, she didn't know what to do with herself...where was he in this strange city....this broken comuity where some area's were still littered with mortal corpses, though it seemed they were gradually being cleaned up, or eatin. Horrible notion really.

She shivered, she'd only lived among mortals for 30 years, but she liked them and now most were dead. Some were scattered here and there...either protected by immortal lovers or had some inborn ability that helped them to somehow come out alive....maybe their souls were only half...maybe they weren't entirely good or bad so could go neither way and were left to simply endure what was to come. She didn't really understand how it worked.

She glanced across the dirty street...some immortals were walking normal person...going about whatever business they liked. There was an angel on the far end of the street looking miffed and looking all around. 'Probably on a mission from God' she thought and hoped silently that he wouldn't recognise her as the devil's child...she'd at least hope he'd sense her desire to be left out of it at least. She turned the other way, heading up the other side of the street. She didn't know what she was looking for...what sign of Rune could there be. She didn't know where in Soma he was...definitly didn't know where he was staying or with whom, if anyone at all. She'd heard, in passing from other immortals, that he was staying with a red-headed woman...well that didn't help. Kit frowned; she'd seen a few red-heads...but no one of much power and Rune wasn't with them. Soma was a fairly decent sized place...finding Rune would be no easy matter.

She sighed again and headed towards a bar. She didn't think it would be wise to ask around for him...her father had many spies and could be anywhere....and even if it wasn't the case...just mentioning him could invite trouble...people liked to pick fights with him, others new he meant bad news to anyone he was looking for...and he'd made many enemies for one thing or another. Last time to was destroying a few high level demons to protect one mortal girl...and before that...desroyed a baar during an attack from yet another powerful demon on the only mortal attendants of that it had been made for immortals. He always seemed to protect these was a strange thing. But she somehow understood, she'd grown fond of them herself, afterall. Many immortals were upset after that bar incident....and apparantly there had been another here in Soma. She'd passed it earlier and saw what was left and heard many uttering in curses about Rune. She laughed at this. He was destructive...trouble followed him everywhere.

She entered this bar, hoping to at least have a drink and listen quietly for any mention of him. Dhe took a few steps into the bar and immidiatly stopped cold, seeing her half-brother there at the bar talking silently to his little pet dragon. She quickly dove for cover under the bar table, knocking her forehead as she ducked. She held her head and cursed silently...this was stupid she was sure he knew nothing about her or had even ever seen her before...he wouldn't recognize her right? So why was she hiding? She glanced to her right to see a startled blue-haired boy. She froze... embarrassed...she was barely in town an hour and she was already freaking out the locals.